Vancouver Kids Allergy

Dr. Joanne Yeung, MD, Pediatric Allergist

#340 - 943 W. Broadway, Vancouver

T (604)  409-4355 F (604) 409-4346

Important Notice

Dr. Joanne Yeung has moved

She is now seeing patients at

Vancouver Kids Allergy

340 - 943 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC 

(4 blocks east of her previous office)

Prescription Refills & Renewals

We do not provide urgent prescription renewals over the phone . Please expect up to 5-10 business day turnaround times for prescription refill requests to our office. Your family physician or nurse practitioner will also be able to assist you. For urgent refills, please speak with your pharmacist, and they may be able to provide an emergency refill of your prescription, including medications for chronic conditions dependent on the situation.


Cancelled and Missed Appointments

We require at least 2 full business days notice if you cancel/change an appointment.  All no shows or late cancellations/changes are subject to a no-show fee:

  • New consult (In Person or Virtual): $100
  • Follow-ups (In Person or Virtual): $50


Zero Tolerance For Abuse To Our Staff

A zero tolerance policy towards violence and aggression is expected throughout services. No member of staff should be subjected to violent, threatening and abusive behaviour.


Patient parental custody

In the case of custody issues,  it is our policy that we communicate with the parent with whom the child was brought to the office. We will generally direct other partners to communicate with you directly about concerns. It is your responsibility to inform other parents of investigations, diagnoses, and treatment plans to ensure their acceptance. We would respectfully request that we not be involved in any interpersonal disputes.